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A SOAP note is a documentation method employed by health care providers to create a patient’s chart. The signature of the callback is function(headers, methodName). If this is not sufficient for your purpose you can easily add more namespace prefixes to this Array, or natural dishwashing soap  override it in its entirety by passing an ignoredNamespaces object within the options you pass in soap.createClient() method.

The required SOAP Envelope element is the root element of a SOAP message. A SOAP HTTP request specifies at least two HTTP headers: Content-Type and Content-Length. The WSDL is a data contract that allows you to programatically generate the classes you need to access the methods on the service.

The SOAP specification defines the structure of the SOAP messages, not how they are exchanged. These different services, especially UDDI, have proved to be of far less interest, but an appreciation of them gives a complete understanding of the expected role of SOAP compared to how web services have actually evolved.

The return value of the function must be an Object(rootName: name: ‘value’) or strict xml-string, which will be inserted as an outgoing header of the response to that request. A service method can look at the SOAP headers by providing a 3rd arguments. This element defines the XML document as a SOAP message.

The name of the SOAP method (operation) should be specified in the SOAP body. But where SOAP really shines is as the message protocol for web services. The optional SOAP Header element contains application-specific information (like authentication, payment, etc) about the SOAP message.